American Verse/The Tired and True - Split 7" Vinyl


Vinyl Features:
- Hand Numbered
- 2 new songs by each band
- Gatefold Matte Finished Jackets
- Includes a Digital Download
- 3 Limited Colors

Pressing Information:
Limited to 20
Alternative Jackets
Hand Stamped/Numbered

Track Listing:

Side A: American Verse
1. Sleepless Nights, Restless Days
2. These Hours

Side B: The Tired and True
1. Clockwatcher
2. Somebody Else

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Pressing Information

20 Test Pressings
50 Silk Screened Covers
100 Black
175 Half Oxblood Red / Half Beer w/ Black Splatter
175 Half Opaque Grey / Half Coke Bottle Clear w/ Baby Blue Splatter