Invisible Children Benefit - LP (Compilation record featuring: Turnover, Lemuira, Rust Belt Lights, Daytrader + more!) Vinyl


Invisible Children Benefit - LP

Pressing Information:
- "Tony" (Purple Vinyl) [ltd. 99]
- "Grace" (Green Vinyl) [ltd. 146]

Vinyl Features:
- Hand Numbered

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. The Forecast- Say You Miss Me
2. Rust Belt Lights- Awake in Dreams
3. Daytrader- Kill My Compass
4. Turnover- Sasha
5. The Story Changes- I Keep A Diary
6. Jonah Matranga- Mothers of the Disappeared

Side B:
1. Pentimento- Words With Friends
2. KOJI- Color Quiet Loud
3. Banquets- Sound of Money
4. Nightmares for a Week- Old House
5. Lemuria- Wise People
6. Frank Turner- I Am Disappeared

**Note: Colors we mixed by the pressing plant so there are multiple different variants of each color. They are just broken down by similar colors. They are all marble colors.